Meet the Bandit – The Newest Troop in Clash Royale

When she officially arrives in the game, the Bandit will be unlocked in the Jungle Arena (Stadium 9). She’s a unit which has the capacity to dash to nearby targets, dealing double damage if she hits on a target along with her dashboard.

It is possible to force the Bandit by setting said units that are poor in order to prevent her from releasing her dash attack on your more powerful units to target weak units such as Skeletons. The Bandit cannot dash towards targets which are within 4 tiles of her.

Take advantage of this and location melee troops to prevent her from using her dash. Minus the dashboard, she has low attack and will be killed with any mini-swarm like Guards or Goblin Gang. The Bandit is quite powerful against units that are spread out as her dash attack can quickly catch up out components and deals double damage.

The Bandit can dash through The Log and also boulders without getting knocked back. Goblins are a favorable Elixir trade for the Bandit.

If a Spawner building is area 3 tiles away from the Bandit being then placed by the river at the edge of the river can permit her to dash to the Spawner building although this does not work with buildings that are defensive.

There’s an event right now where everyone with serious skill has a shot at getting the Bandit. In this challenge, gameplay is like a routine Draft Challenge. They will soon have the ability to get the Bandit early, in case the player reaches 12 wins for the first time.

Need some tips for the Bandit Draft challenge? Try these.

The Bandit gets the same hit points as a Nighttime Witch of equal level. She does the same damage per hit as an equal leveled Miner but she doesn’t do damage that is reduced to crown towers and she deals double damage when dashing.

The Bandit’s personal name is Juno, as is shown if the language is establish to Japanese.

Her dash damage does then Battle Ram, Dark Prince, and the Prince, but she’s also quicker than them. She’s very speedy, just like a good Bandit.

Sadly, I didn’t win the Bandit challenge, so like most of you I will have to wait a few days for her to arrive permanently in the game. In the meantime, I’ll be content with Bandit videos on YouTube and screenshots.