Clash Royale’s December Update was overshadowed by the release of Super Mario Run, but there was lots of early Christmas joy and goodness to behold! And hey, if you’re an Android owner and can’t play Super Mario Run anyway, then you’ve got plenty of Clash Royale to pay attention to.

Lots of Events

  • The Crown Duel Challenge arrived on December 16
  • The Crown Duel Tournament was held on December 17. Watch the results here:


  • The Clan Chest Event is coming on December 19. Ooh, wait. That’s today!
  • The Electro Wizard Challenge is coming on December 23.

Epic Changes

  • Starting this Sunday, you can now ask for and donate Epic cards with your Clan mates. But only on Sundays!
  • Epic cards now cost less in the shop
  • Epic chests give more and scale with your current Arena.

Jungle Arena

There’s a new arena coming. It unlocks on January 13.

New Cards Coming

  • There are several new cards coming to the game along with the Jungle Arena.
  • The first new card will be the Dart Goblin.

Card Balance Changes

Lots of card balance changes. Good news if you like the Elite Barbarians!



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