Elite Barbarians in Clash Royale

Black Friday brought a little present for Clash Royale fans: Elite Barbarians. These guys are pretty awesome. It’s a pair of barbarians that are bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful than the regular barbarians in the game.

They’re also a little bit more expensive at a cost of 6 elixir (instead of 5) but make up for it in overall awesomeness.

Orange Juice gaming has a nice overview video of the new troop here:


Want to know even more about the new Elite Barbarians in Clash Royale? Take a look at the troop page on Wikia. Some of the highlights are:

  • 420 hit points, 110 damage, and 73 dps at level 1
  • 613 hit points, 160 damage, and 106 dps at level 5
  • 978 hit points, 256 damage, and 170 dps at level 10

This guide from Clash Royale Arena also tells you everything you need to know about the new Elite Barbarians.