You probably don’t know who James M. Barrie was. That’s okay. Most people don’t.

But do you know who Peter Pan is? Of course you do. And Peter Pan wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for James M. Barrie. He’s the Scottish playwright who wrote Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up. The play was performed first in 1904, although the play itself was not published until 1928.

James M. Barrie died in 1937 in London, just before the onslaught of World War II.

The play was adapted to many different formats, and probably the most famous is the Disney animated movie, Peter Pan. BTW, did you know that Disney Movies Anywhere makes it easy to watch that movie? Well, when it’s not in the vault. Love it!


The Walt Disney Company has probably made more money off James M. Barrie than anyone ever thought possible.

TinkerBell, who is one of the key characters from the play and movie, went on to become a staple of the Disney franchise.

She was pretty much the mascot of Disney following the movie, appearing in the title sequence for the weekly Disney TV show, and also in the logo sequence for many movie releases. Disney used her as the foundation of its powerful Fairy franchise, which has spawned more books and movies than you can count.

But it all started with the humble Scottish playwright, James M. Barrie. He was the subject of another movie, Finding Neverland. It stars Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. It also features Dustin Hoffman, who played Captain Hook in the movie, Hook (1991).

Happy Birthday!


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