Music Jam 2009 Starting

The Club Penguin Music Jam 2009 starts really soon and it’s going to be rockin’. DJ Cadence will appear in the Night Club up on the top floor and the Band will appear in the backstage area. SecretPenguin has a DJ Cadence Tracker and a Club Penguin Band Tracker that I will use to find them. They are both offline right now because the party hasn’t started. The official party start is tomorrow but that usually means 9 pm Penguin Time tonight (Thursday). See you there Penguin peeps!


Seeking Sensei

Has anyone seen him yet? I am waiting on Avalanche in the ninja hideout. I am using a sensei tracker but sensei seems to be offline a lot. Or when he is online and I try to go to the server it is always full. 😦 Does Sensei talk to you and stuff and give out a background???

I really want to meet Sensei on Club Penguin this weekend!