Club Penguin Medieval Party

The Club Penguin Medieval Party starts next month and the people at CP have been posting some sneak peeks and artwork for the big party.

And tomorrow there will be new sled racing gear for members on sale at the ski hill. Coolness!


New Pin and Easter Egg Hunt

The Club Penguin 2009 Easter Egg Hunt has started and there is a new pin too!

The pin is in the forest. It is a chocolate bunny pin.

The egg hunt is fun. There are eight eggs to find and you can start it by clicking on the white egg on your screen in the top corner. The eggs are in these places.

First Egg:
Go outside the Dance Club

Second Egg:
Go to Cove

Third Egg:
Go inside Mine

Fourth Egg:
Go to Dojo Courtyard

Fifth Egg:
Go inside Gift Shop

Sixth Egg:
Go to Ski Lodge

Seventh Egg:
Go to Mountain

Eighth Egg:
Go to Beacon

Club Penguin Style for April

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog April

The new Club Penguin Style catalog is here. Yipee! There are some good new clothes in it and also a lot of hidden secrets and cheats. My favorite is definitely the black graduation cap which you get from clicking on the coffee cup. A lot of the other secret items are repeats from old catalogs. Oh and you can still get the pot of gold which is cool.

The catalog was really late this month!